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The Tasting Lounge during a beautiful sunset


Private tastings at Sail to Trail provide a fun, intimate wine tasting experience for up to 12 people with either the Sail to Trail Founder for $100/hour* or the Sail to Trail Sommelier for $150/hour* plus the cost of wine. You’re welcome to bring food or have your tasting catered – we recommend Struck Catering!


Use our space and drink our wine—relax with friends, family, coworkers, business partners or anybody you’d like! For $175/hour* plus the cost of wine, you’ll have use of our entire tasting room. You’ll be able to customize the mood to make your party just right! Choose the music you’d like to help set the tone, and use our two retractable banners and large television for visual displays or presentations to complete the mood.


We have everything you need to watch your favorite movie with friends (on our ten-foot silver screen!) in our Tasting Lounge! Packages can vary depending on the particulars, so give us a call to talk about details and pricing!


We're constantly looking for fun ways to bring people together here at Sail to Trail! Whether it's one of our Wine Glass Painting events or Wine Tasting Experiences you never would have thought of (Wine and Halloween candy pairing?!), we have you covered for a great time!

Tickets can be found on our Eventbrite page by clicking below!

Our Eventbrite Ticketed Events


*All private events & tastings must be booked for a minimum of two hours. Deposits will be accepted at the time the space is reserved, and consist of payment for the two-hour minimum, for the event format you’re choosing.