Sold out in MA. Available through SailToTrail.com only. Our best selling white wine.

She’s the quintessential California girl. Natural. Blonde. Fit. Men want to be with her. Women want to be her. She just wants to be herself.
Full of life, but never overpowering — a refreshing break from the “look at me” cries emanating from rooftops near and far.
“May I watch the sunset with you?” she asks with an air of polite crispness and unmistakable scents of citrus and lemon rolling off her delicate tongue.
“Only if you promise to share the spinach, artichoke, and herbed goat cheese dip,” you proposition in an innocent sort of way.
She smiles “Of course.” and together you kick back on the porch of life taking much needed time to just be.

Category: Best Seller, White

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