The Ladder 7 Club

Sail To Trail is thrilled to present the Ladder 7 wine club

Chris’ (Sail to Trail’s Founder) grandfather Frank Cross, was a firefighter for the City of Worcester Fire Department, Ladder 7, out of the old Winslow Street station (Now Ed Hyder’s Mediterranean Market) for 35 years. Before that, Frank volunteered to serve (Firefighters were exempt from the draft at the time)  in the United States Army in World War II, before being captured by German forces during the Battle of Aachen in 1944.
To honor his grandfather and the courage of the Worcester Fire Department, we are pleased to bring the Ladder 7 Club to our extraordinary customers. Frank was more of a Manhattan guy, but we hope this makes him smile nonetheless.

Member Benefits:

3 Alarm: Purchase 3 or More Bottles: 15% off with 20 dollar shipping
6 Alarm: Purchase 6 or More Bottles: 20% off with 20 dollar shipping
Let It Burn: Purchase 12 (Case) or More Bottles: 25% off with Free shipping

Member Birthday Benefit:

For your birthday, receive a coupon for 35% off your entire purchase plus free shipping (up to one case) to be used during your birthday month.

Service Benefit:

In recognition of your service, dedication, and hard work, if you are serving, or have served, in the United States Armed Forces, Worcester Fire Department, or Worcester Police Department, please enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on any wine purchased in our lounge. Just let us know when you arrive!
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