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Our Customer Service Philosophy

It’s not lip service when we say that we love our customers, and it’s important to us that you feel that every time you come in or open a bottle of our wine. Those of you who have spent time with us know that. 

We also recognize that—to a dismaying degree—customer service is dead. And it sucks. In our personal and professional lives, we’re seeing the trends too. 

“All lines are busy, but your call is very important to us…”

“I’ll be sure to inform management about your concerns…”

“I understand and I’m sorry, but it’s our policy…”

We deal with it every day and we’ve decided we’re not going to treat our customers the way we’ve been treated by other businesses that “care.” Here at Sail to Trail, we have a very simple customer service philosophy and policy: Make our customers feel valued and do whatever it takes to make them happy.

That’s it. Period. Full stop. 

It’s not complicated. Our associates are instructed very clearly to do whatever it takes to fix customer issues and make sure the customer walks away happy. And our team knows they have the support of management in doing so.

How it actually works 

Cool. Great. But those are just words. What does this “philosophy” actually look like when it’s applied to real-world situations? I’ll tell you. 

Bottle didn’t taste right? Do you want a replacement, your money back or both? If giving you a new bottle and a refund is what you think makes it right, that’s what we’ll do. Want to talk to our Founder Chris about it? Here’s his cell number. Had a bad interaction with an associate? We’re shocked. Tell us what happened, and we’ll use it as a teachable moment. And what can we offer you to make this a positive experience?

Unlike other companies, we won’t argue with you about what happened, hide behind a policy or defend our mistakes. We embrace mistakes as opportunities to learn, improve and make sure our customers know we truly care about their satisfaction.

Our mission and community

Putting together a customer service policy felt too easy, so we wanted to take things one step further and create a mission and share it publicly, so you know we’re damn serious about it.

At Sail to Trail, our mission is to always do our damnedest to bring you the best wines in the varietals you want at a superb value. We also want to make your experience f*cking awesome.

That’s our mission and we expect you to hold us to it. We are members of a community that’s as small as our building and as large as the United States. And we are committed to that community and its members (i.e. – you). If we want to maintain our place in that community, we understand we need to earn it day in and day out. 

If we take you for granted, don’t produce the best wines, or fail to treat you like the esteemed guest you are, you’re rightfully going to take your hard-earned dough elsewhere. We get it. 

We need to bring our “A” game every day to make sure you want to be a Sail to Trail lifer, and that’s exactly how we like it. We promise you our commitment to that will never change.

Have thoughts or questions about our customer service philosophy or mission? Drop them in the comments below. Because guess what—we’ll actually read them.

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