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An Open Letter From Chris.

Hello friends,

Wow. What a strange trip it’s been so far.

We opened our doors here at Sail to Trail in October of 2019. It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 2 years. Along the way we’ve made some really close friends and have been honored to bring the urban winery concept here to Worcester. It’s been a long haul though as you may imagine. And one of the things we always promised you was to be here goes.

As you’d expect, capital was stretched pretty thin during the pandemic, and has continued to be through the ups and downs of the past 18+ months. We’ve tried bringing in music, new foods, fun events, anything and everything. But we’ve still struggled to get our tasting room to a place where it can support itself financially.

We have plenty of days where it looks like we’ve way outgrown the place, but others where inexplicably things are super quiet. We’ve definitely been on a  growth curve, but one of the paradoxical things about growth is how expensive it is, especially when business conditions are so unpredictable. As such, our tasting room right now is a net drain on our finances.

To keep the brand on solid financial footing, we need to pare back operations and hours here in our Tasting Room. While we love this place, and have made so many amazing friends here, it’s an expensive and resource-intensive part of the business and we need to focus on the external retail part of things.

If you’ve been meaning to come by but haven’t had the chance, there won’t be a better time. If you’ve been, loved the place and been meaning to come back, we’d love to have you. We’ve worked really hard to bring something special and new to Worcester. We were born and raised here and love this gritty old mill town and right now if this is something the Worcester area truly wants, we need your support.

So starting right away, our new hours will be Thursday and Friday, 4-9pm, Saturday 12-6pm, and Sunday 12-4pm.

We hope to see you, and thanks for your time.


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