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Wine Diamonds

  • An Open Letter From Chris.

    Hello friends, Wow. What a strange trip it’s been so far. We opened our doors here at Sail to Trail in October of 2019. It’s hard to believe that i...
  • Flavors and Aromas in Wine, and How They get There.

    It’s not your imagination. There are a lot of aromas in a glass of wine. Think black currants, cherries, lemons, or sweaty horse.


    Let’s just say it’s an acquired thing but appreciated among imbibers of Rhône wines. But, let’s not stop there.

  • The Ins and Outs (And Dos and Don'ts) of Wine Temperatures

    We’re casual here at Sail to Trail Wine Works. We just draw the line at a frosted glass of wine. You won’t find ice cubes here, but we do have those fancy whiskey stones that’ll do the same thing.
  • Appellation. Does it Matter? Kinda-Sorta-Not Really.

    Appellations serve useful purposes, even if they sometimes confuse or frustrate us. It’s all about protecting the wine and preserving its heritage. However, these systems are a guide. Many unique treasures are waiting for you to discover them. It’s the part of being a wine enthusiast that makes it so enjoyable. Just when you think you understand a variety, it surprises you with something new.
  • Happy World Malbec Day!

    Always celebrated on April 17th, World Malbec Day was established in 2011. The first agricultural school in Argentina was founded on April 17, 1853, in the hopes of adapting French grapes to the soils of Mendoza. This date symbolizes putting Argentina on the world’s wine map. Malbec, Aregentina’s flagship grape...
  • Where'd That 91 Point Score Come From Exactly?

    Wine ratings. Few things stir up so much controversy and drive so many decisions as a mere number or grade on a bottle of wine. It’s both alluri...
  • A Thought or Two on Wine Marketing Silliness

    Lots of people look for lots of stuff when buying wine. Sulfite-free. Organic. Biodynamic. Natural. Vegan. Funny colors.

    As sure as the sun will rise, tomorrow there'll be something new. But does any of it mean anything? Does it improve the quality of the wine?

    Probably not a whole helluva lot, if at all. And certainly not as much as some would have you believe.

  • Wine Tasting Science.

    There’s a lot of science going on in your glass of wine, whether it's a Two-Buck Chuck or a Château Fancy French Wine—and everything in between! It brings together geology, viticulture, botany, chemistry, and even physics.
  • Wine Should be a Blast. Not Intimidating.

    Few beverages can strike the fear and intimidation that wine holds for many people. Think about it. How many libations come in so many kinds and ...
  • Looking Forward to Rapid Growth in 2021!

    As Sail to Trail grows our wine brand, we are looking actively at establishing distribution in states and territories around the United States.
  • Let the Wine Fermentation Magic Begin!

    Pentailed treeshrews do it. Loris love it. Even bears can’t resist it. Who would have thought that the simple combination of fruit juice and yeast ...
  • The Sail to Trail Approach to Wine Tastings

    Wine tastings don't have to be stuffy, intimidating affairs. In fact, here at Sail to Trail, we think if you aren't having a blast tasting wine, you're doing it all wrong.